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The Textile Association of Los Angeles (TALA), founded in 1954 is the networking arm of the Los Angeles textile industry.


TALA partnered with the California Fashion Association (CFA) in 2010, whereby its members can take advantage of the networking opportunities with CFA members for the industry’s general informational and business networking. The association is a membership-based group of professionals engaged in textile sales, manufacturing, related products and services in the apparel industry.


TALA informs members about ongoing issues affecting the apparel and textile industry, and provides resource information sourcing textiles,  while promoting the California apparel industry globally.

“TALA is the information center of the textile world and the foundation of the industry, and with your support and dedication will continue to grow and thrive.”

— Brian Weitman, Chairman of TALA

Textile Association of Los Angeles

444 South Flower Street, 37th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90071



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The Textile Association of  Los Angeles (TALA)  provides business information about California textile companies, suppliers, sales representatives, and agents.